Texas Time-Lapse Photography

Whether it be long term (up to 2 years) or short term (a day), time lapse photography can be extremely effective for promotional and marketing usage.  All time-lapse videos are HD quality and shot with a professional DSLR in a solar powered weather proof housing, including pan and zoom.  

For long term projects, high res photos are taken roughly every 10 minutes and will be sent over a cellular network straight to your own custom branded, private web gallery where movies can be compiled at the end, or at regular intervals throughout the project AND can be used for marketing, PR, media release and in-house and stakeholder reporting.

There are more benefits to doing time-lapse.  Please contact me for more details & pricing, and to discuss your project and see how I may be able to help you.


Chris Blumenshine




  • Houston, Texas

    This was a 16 hour time lapse of downtown Houston. It was challenging in the fact that I had to mount the tripod on a sofa chair to clear the balcony. Not ideal but it worked out for this project.

  • Foundation being poured on headquarters project

    This clip will be integrated into a larger movie of a 2 year project.