Texas Time-Lapse Services

Creative Timelapse Photography

Using an on-site presence we document your project activity for one or more days or even years. Using multiple high resolution DSLR Time lapse camera setups to record the different stages, we capture the essence of the project. The resulting image sequences are then edited to make a visually effective story showing exactly 'what it is that you do'.

This is a great tool for showing to prospective clients either via a personal presentation or on your website. One or more days work can be condensed into 2-3 minutes of video where your project and employees are the stars of the show. 

A comment from one such prospective client was that watching the Time lapse was 'better than reading a mission statement'.

We capture hours of footage allowing us to select the most important aspects of the project which are then edited to tell the story. During the edit the images are color treated and enhanced to create a visually interesting mood. We then add title pages, end credits, captions if required and a soundtrack to suit the project if you wish, finally you have the option of output to your required format(s) and specifications.

During our time on site, we can also take high resolution digital images of different aspects of the project which can be used for your marketing materials.


Long Term Time lapse Photography

As well as creative Time lapse we also document your long term project using one or multiple, high resolution DSLR Time lapse camera setups, to record the daily activities remotely and using a 3G network we send the images to our server. The real time images can be viewed from anywhere in the world on a password protected web page specific to your project, so you and your team can monitor the progress from wherever you are.

  • The camera system is protected inside an industrial strength weatherproof housing.
  • The system is solar powered with a battery backup, so requires no external power supply.
  • The housing can be fitted to any existing elevated position using a variety of fixings, or if no elevated position exists and subject to a site inspection, we can erect a camera pole specifically constructed to have maximum strength and minimum flex which is essential for time lapse.
  • We construct periodic time lapses to show the progress to date, together with a final edit on completion.
  • Images taken by the high resolution camera can be used for your marketing.
  • During site visits we can take additional high resolution site images to supplement your marketing requirements.
  • Should you require a more custom time lapse we can factor in additional site visits and specifically document important aspects of your project to be included in the final edit.
  • Time lapse footage is normally edited in 4K and output to 1080.  Various formats on completion.
  • During the edit, title pages will be added and you will be given a choice of soundtracks to suit the mood and tempo of the video, finally when you are happy with the content you will be presented with a hard drive containing the finished video together with any additional marketing material you require. Please contact me today for rates.  
  • Houston, Texas

    This was a 16 hour time lapse of downtown Houston. It was challenging in the fact that I had to mount the tripod on a sofa chair to clear the balcony. Not ideal but it worked out for this project. Photographed with Canon 5DMII.

  • Foundation being poured on headquarters project

    This clip will be integrated into a larger movie of a 2 year project. Photographed with Sony A7II.

  • Gainesville, TX

    5 month timelapse from excavation to concrete being poured. Photographed with Fuji X-T3.